Climbing clarification

The truss holding the climbing bars is about 60 inches at the lowest part, and a robot can extend to 66 inches high. is there anything prohibiting climbing onto the truss and then transferring onto the highest bar?


Be careful what you interact with. ROBOTS and OPERATOR CONSOLES are prohibited from the
following actions with regards to interaction with ARENA elements. Items A-C exclude CARGO.
Items A-E exclude RUNGS.
A. grabbing,
B. grasping,
7 Game Rules: ROBOTS V0 54 of 136
C. attaching to (including the use of a vacuum or hook fastener to anchor to the FIELD carpet
and excluding use of the DRIVER STATION hook-and-loop tape, plugging in to the provided
power outlet, and plugging the provided Ethernet cable into the OPERATOR CONSOLE),
D. becoming entangled with,
E. suspending from, and
F. damaging.


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