Climbing G18 rule : 12" is during or at the end?

Could you please answer me with sure if the rule about 12" after frame perimeter will be applied at the end of climb? I mean when the game ends …
Thank you very much

I might Q & A that one. I don’t know how that works after the buzzer (I assume you’re speaking of how G18 would apply after match end)

Specifically within the 5 second hold of the climb, or after the climbs are scored?

I’m pretty sure that rule applies at all times during the game. G18 does not list any exemptions, so don’t plan on having your robot extend more than the 12" during match play (including its final resting state for a climb).

However, extending more than 12" AFTER the match is over and settled to remove your robot from the Shield Generator is perfectly acceptable.

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My concern is due to during the climb our robot extends the limit but get back right after

That is a violation of G18. Extending past that limit, no matter how brief, is a violation.


If the robot extends past 12 at any point during a match, it is a violation.


You might try searching Q&A. You might find someone already asked this question. :slight_smile:

Extending past 12" to score a hang is not only a violation, it’s an egregious violation and will result in a RED CARD.

Note that G18 falls under section 7.2, During the Match, section 4, Robot Restrictions. MATCH is defined as the 2 minutes, 30 seconds of play time.

So if your robot extends outside the 12" in order to achieve the HANG, you will receive a RED CARD. You absolutely cannot do this.

If after you hang and time expires, your robot then sags/settles in a manner that extends it outside of the 12", that looks like it would be legal and not receive a penalty–but you might want to Q&A it (or better, just change your design so that whatever locks it in place during the match keeps it locked until you go get your robot.)

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I would definitely ask this in the Q&A since the blue box clearly states that an example of an egregious violation of G18 that would earn a RED CARD would be “extending beyond the FRAME PERIMETER to score a HANG” and as per section 4.4.4 a HANG is scored only “five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0) following TELEOP”.

Therefore to me it would seem that even after the timer reaches zero, there is still a five second window after the robot is disabled, prior to the HANG being scored, in which G18 can be violated. As others have said before, this is definitely worth asking the Q&A if your robot potentially violates this rule.