climbing on the pyramid

is it possible to send a minibot up the pyramid while it is connected with a wire to the main robot?

No, because your level is judged by the lowest point of your robot, and you cannot be in level 2 and level zero(the floor) :slight_smile:

We’re not sure how to post a question in the forum, so we’re going to ask it here…:confused:

Is it legal to grab onto the “hoop” at the top of the pyramid to complete your climb? I haven’t found anything in the manual specifically prohibiting it, but I felt the need to ask for a second opinion.

I believe you can

First off, welcome to the forums. To post a question, you would go here to post a general question and click “New Thread” at the top left. You’ll get a hang of the forum for other things later.

In terms of your question, what “hoop” are you asking about?

I think you may want to take a look at, as any answer you get on Chief Delphi is highly unofficial.

As far as your question, I refer you to Q&A, Q66, as a similar question. You may also want to look at Q14, same place.