Climbing or No?

As the title says, will your team be attempting climbing this year?

Climbing will be huge this year so yes

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After the finite amount of gear and auto points are scored, climbing could be a big determiner of winners of matches, especially at district/DCMP level.

After seeing last year how much of a necessity climbing was to be competitive at the highest level of play I think you would be crazy not to try your hardest to get your robot off the ground.

Points that are available every single game without fail? Yes please.

It’s our top priority. Our team isn’t super high performing but being able to climb is seemingly a source of major points.

It’s our second level objective to be climbing consistently every match who knows if we will get all three scoring ways this year

This is one of the most valuable, and essential, end game tasks in years.

With the exception of the 1st gear in auto, no task gets you as many points as quickly as climbing does. You will not be a pick in eliminations in district championships or at worlds if you cant climb.

Not only is it worth a whole bunch of points, this is the first time we can really test out an endgame climber with an inexpensive, easy to build rig, because we can provide the rope.

Emphasis mine.

If your team chooses not to climb, don’t expect to see a Championship based on performance merit.

If you can do everything else really well, and win all your matches without climbing, you will be fine.

Climbing looks to me like an easier way to get points, than messing with fuel…

It will be fun to see how it plays out.

I don’t think this is wrong, but at the same time, one important factor here is that climbing points are points that no one else on your alliance could possibly get. You could potentially have your ball game or gear game patched up with a good partner in that area, but nobody can get your robot’s climb bonus for you.

With a custom rope, it doesn’t seem hard to design a climber. All the mechanism can go above the “loading zone” so you are not sacrificing ball capacity.

I suspect that it will be extraordinarily rare for a team to make eliminations without being able to climb.

Any rookie team out there.

I would focus 100% on figuring out how to climb. Then delivering gears.

I put it in that order because as long as the rule does not change limiting the pilot on lifting a gear from a robot, you basically just need a good mail slot with no moving parts.

You can have a robot finished in the first half of the build season then spend the second half trying to figure out how to drive (More rounds are lost to bad drivers than you can imagine!!!) <— I can not make the parentheses statement bold enough to get that across.

You can play with a fuel scooper/thrower if you want, but this should be absolutely last priority since it introduces a lot more parts to break/go wrong and veteran teams can smoke this task for you.

It seems that nearly everyone (197 of 206 currently) is responding that they will be climbing.

Last year a similar poll ( had above a 60% yes response rate to climbing the tower but the end scaling rate didn’t even hit 6%. This was taking into the account the easier access that year to scaling designs through Ri3D and COTS components.

While I agree that endgame is more valuable this year than last, I would be very surprised if overall climbing rate this year surpasses 20%. I imagine that a lot of teams will run out of time to complete climbing devices or find it too difficult and opt to focus more on gear and goal scoring.

Bold Prediction - Only 10% of FRC robots this year will actually be able to consistently climb.

I think a lot of teams are really underestimating the difficulty of climbing this year.

There is a good reason its worth so many points.

I agree. As long as you can run decent defense and climb, you will probably get onto an alliance at a district event. Personally, our team plans on focusing on gears, with climbing as a secondary to work on as our drivers begin practice.

Yep. If climbing is not your top priority, above gears or fuel, then odds are high you will have a successful climb rate well below 50%.

There are no past games with good reapplies to climb a rope, and one of the volume configurations actively makes climbing more difficult.