Climbing Plans

Now that we’re nearing the end of build season, I was wondering what decisions teams have made with their designs in regards to the climbing points/ranking point.

Even with the “Chief Delphi Bias”]( this should be pretty interesting. I would think that robots that can facilitate triple climb points will be more common than 40 kPa solo robots were last year, but how common, we will have to see.

The poll should have included: “Not planning on climbing - just working towards levitate in the last 30 seconds”.

I’m hoping most teams with solo climbers can allow for a 2nd solo climber as well, but maybe they won’t. I get the feeling most teams out there will be banking on the Levitate power up or climbing on someone else, but the “Chief Delphi Bias” might skew my poll away from this reality. I really have no idea how many triple climbers there will be, but I get the feeling the 3 climb RP will occur a little more often than the 40kpa RP last year.

Yeah if I knew how to edit my poll I’d probably change the first option to something like, “using the Levitate power up or using someone else.”

And don’t forget to add one:

“Climb ourselves, but will climb on others if possible.”

We are implementing what we refer to as a “courtesy climb”. Meaning that we will use less than 50% of the bar (Left or Right) leaving room for another climber that is also courteous. Any others have this idea too?

We are planning to be able to use the square tube if an alliance partner can use another part of the rung. The problem is, we have to be on a specific side…since the climber is on the corner of our robot.

Ummm… where’s the “other”?

I’m pretty curious as to what other would be… we have not climbing, climbing solo, helping teammates climb, and climbing with teammates… would “other” be helping opponents climb? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would add the buddy bar to the poll, if you can climb on the rung you will be able to climb from our buddy bar.

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Although ours is a bit more than a ‘buddy bar’

I suppose I was considering the buddy bar as a subgroup of the climbing just ourselves or the climbing and lifting 1 or 2 other robots group, but yes maybe that should have been a more distinct option in the poll.