Climbing Question

When climbing do you have to just touch the levels or do you have to hook onto and pull yourself up before going to the next one?

A ROBOT has CLIMBED its PYRAMID if it contacts the PYRAMID and/or the floor (Level 0) in

  • sequential order (Level 0, 1, 2, 3) during ascent and
  • no more than two (2) Levels simultaneously.

If a CLIMB is considered unacceptable (e.g. a ROBOT has touched non-adjacent Levels or more than two (2) Levels at a time), a Referee will indicate a rejected CLIMB by turning the offending ROBOT’S PLAYER STATION LED strings yellow. The ROBOT will be ineligible for CLIMB points unless and until it begins a new CLIMB from the floor, Level 0.

so do we actually have to hook on the first bar and pull ourselves up and then hook on the second bar pull ourselves up or can we just hook onto the second bar and pull ourselves so long as we just tap the 1st bar???:confused:

You’d have to pull yourself up to the first bar. If you went from the ground (Level 0) to the second level, you would be in contact with two non-adjacent levels, not in sequential order. Thus. you have to go from ground to Level 1, Level 1 to Level 2, and Level 2 to Level 3.

The robot just needs to *contact *each level (that you want credit for). There is no requirement to hook. So, if you can get your robot up to zone two while just tapping/touching/nudging/kissing/bumping the pyramid somewhere in zone one, that’s a valid climb. Of course, subject to other rules, such as don’t contact in 3 zones at once, don’t contact in non-adjacent zones, etc.

This is only true if you are NOT touching the ground (level 0) when you start

As specified in Team Update #1, for purposes of climbing, the floor counts as a level of the pyramid (Level 0).

A ROBOT has CLIMBED its PYRAMID if it contacts the PYRAMID and/or the floor (Level 0) in

A.sequential order (Level 0, 1, 2, 3) during ascent and more than two (2) Levels simultaneously.

Therefore, even if you contacted Level 1 first, contacting Level 2 while you’re still in contact with the floor would invalidate your climb.

That’s covered by the “subject to other rules, such as don’t contact in 3 zones at once” part of my post.

So, for example, another robot on your alliance could lift your robot off the floor. Then your robot taps the pyramid somewhere in Level 1, then hooks onto the second rung. 10 points right there, 20 if the robot can lift itself all the way into Level 2.

This would fail the sequential portion of the rules as you nees to go from level 0 thru 3. (If you are on another robot you are not contacting level 0)

As I understand the rules, to make a legal climb, two things need to happen before you contact the Pyramid in Level 2. (Not necessarily in the order listed.)

  1. You must contact the Pyramid in Level 1.
  2. You must lose contact with the floor (Level 0).

If, for example, you only have a 10-point hanger, I don’t believe there is anything in the rules precluding you from climbing entirely on top of a 30" partner (2), putting your bumper against the Level 1 horizontal bar (1), and deploying your hanger on the Level 2 horizontal bar.

That’s my take on it, too.

Considering you must start fully supported by the floor, you certainly were touching Level 0 at some point… You might wish to read the CLIMB Points Q&A; we’ve been working pretty hard at clarifying this. While you may touch up to two levels simultaneously, there’s no requirement to do so as you ascend sequentially.