Climbing Rules

I’d like to open the discussion about the hanging rules.

My question is: If you are to attach to the 30" bar in such a way that your robot curls up above the horizontal plain to be completely in the Level 2 (20 points) but a small part of the “claw” attached to the 30" bar is thus below the horizontal plain; does this count as 20 points?

I guess the question becomes, how lenient are the rules, and where does this horizontal plain get extended from? The bottom of the metal tube? The top? The middle?

Check out the diagram that defines where the planes are ( The planes are just above the bars, so the 30" bar is in Level 1, the 60" bar is in Level 2, and the 90" bar is in Level 3.

If your off the ground your considered level 1, 10 points.

If all of your robot completely above the the first bar, your in level 2 zone, for 20 points.

If all of your robot is completely above the second level your in level 3 zone, for 30 points.

If any of your robot is below the plane is question it seems your be in a lower zone from the rule book, so I believe you’ll have to attach to at least the 90 inch bar to be in zone 3. If you are attached to the second bar and curl over, your attachment mechanism will likely be considered in zone 2 therefore your robot.

** CLIMB Points

Points are awarded for the highest Level achieved for every ALLIANCE ROBOT that CLIMBS its PYRAMID. The Level to which a ROBOT has CLIMBED is determined by the lowest point of the ROBOT (in relation to the FIELD).

As taken from Secton 3 - The Game

If your claw is still below the level, then the lowest part of your robot is the bottom of that claw. I think, as evidenced of the 210 End Game, it will be a straight above the plane or below the plane.

Imagine a robot that placed a pair of hooks over the bar @ 30", while the robot is on the ground.

Is the robot in zones 0,1, and 2 and therefore executing an illegal climb?

If the same robot clamps onto the 30" bar but the clamps do not protrude above the crest of the bar is it then only in zones 1 and 2? That would seem to be the case.

Seems like some real constraints on climbing horizontally if #1 is deemed to be illegal.

Sounds like a question for Q&A to me, since I don’t believe this is the intent. If it IS the intent, then it seems like we’re really only intended to climb the corners of the pyramid.

We have come to a stumble with the rule listed in section It states that the robot can not be in any more than 2 sections at once. Assuming your robot is on the ground you are in zone 0, if you are going for the cross-bar above in zone 1 you will of course be in zone 1, and once you are above the post you may be in zone 3. The reason this is unknown is due to the small area above the cross-bar that remains to be in the zone, this length above the bar is not described in the rules making us question the legality of a mechanism that grabs or latches to one of these bars because you may cross the level with this system.

Maybe we should make like a robot arm to climb

I agree, we are definitely getting into QA territory here.

I suspect some of the first Q&A questions will be related to the no more than 2 sections climbing rule, and how it interacts with the floor.

My suspicion is that we’ll see a Team Update that allows you to be in Layer 0, 1, AND 2, but afterward only 1 and 2 or 2 and 3.

The robot cannot be IN CONTACT with more than two levels. It can be above a rung as long as it’s not touching it.

Regarding the pyramid

A ROBOT has CLIMBED its PYRAMID if it contacts the PYRAMID in
A. sequential order (Level 0, 1, 2, 3) during ascent and
B. no more than two (2) Levels simultaneously.

Does this mean that you cannot hook onto the 2nd bar, then climb up and touch the 1st bar on the way? You have to hook up to the 1st, then 2nd, and finally 3rd bar while only touching the next level?

Climbing the PYRAMID is the big deal this year

“how” we’re going to climb the PYRAMID?

Always amuses me how fast a group of about 3000 teams can poke a hole in the game design to the point of needing a Q&A answer within a couple hours of kickoff every year.

Seems like a fairly obvious strategy - hard to specify how you make it legal w/out opening up a lot of other issues. Related to it, if a part of the robot protrudes over into a third zone while hooking on - that would seem to make the entire climb illegal.

Other question would be do the level 1,2,3 plane protrude outside the pyramid as well? I’d assume so.

Also, would it mean that robots can be taller than 30"? Sure they need to be smaller than 30" to go under the pyramid, but if a robot were 40" tall and climbin outside, it would cross planes 0,1,2 at the same time, or planes 1,2 and 3 (i.e. a 35" high robot would cross the top two inches of plane 1, 30 inches on plane 2 and the bottom 3" of plane 3 at one point in it’s lift.

It would seem you would have to be allowed in 3 planes at once as long as they are contiguous, or am I missing something? It’s especially the case w/ a 54" robot or an 84" robot.

Maybe I’m just over analyzing this :slight_smile:

It appears so. You have to climb one step at a time. Considering that the floor is level 0, that means you must climb onto level 1 and be completely off the ground before heading into level 2, and then completely out of level 1 before you can enter level 3.

A close rereading of the rules makes me believe this is OK:

A ROBOT Has Climbed the Pyramid if it contacts the pyramid in:
A: Sequential Order (levels 0,1,2,3)) during ascent
B: no more that 2 levels simultaneously

So even to a bot is hooking around the horizontal bar, it’s only contacting the zone the bar is in, even if it it extends into the upper plane.

Thanks for all the clarification. I got “NOT AVAILABLE” on the Q&A site.

What about grabbing the corner post above the 30" bar? I think our robot would be in 0, 1, and 2 (i.e. on the ground, clearly in zone 1, and claw in zone 2).

WOuld this be illegal?

When can we start climbing the pyrimid? Is there a set time that we are suppose to climb or at any point during the round can we start our ascent?


team 3662

There are no restrictions on when you can begin climbing the pyramid.