Climbing Rules

We were wondering if robots are allowed to extend above the basket on the top of the pyramid while climbing. We are planning to dump the discs into the basket. :confused:

I have not found a rule against it.

Looking at the scoring levels, level 3 extends pretty high.

84" won’t get you to the rafters, so looks like the high altitude dumpers may be viable. Throwing discs up there requires dead-center accuracy or they’ll just skip off the chain(s).

Official Q&A 32 says:

Q. Is the section of the pyramid above the Zone 3 border as shown in Team update 1 considered a separate zone for climb legality purposes? For example, would touching the pyramid above the Zone 3 line while still in contact with the zone 2 bar be considered a violation of the Sequential zone rule or the 2 zone rule?
A. There is no upper bound to Level 3.