Climbing the Pyramid Rules Cases

I just have a few cases that I hope you guys can quickly verify as to whether they are legal or not for climbing.

Here goes!

Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Case 4

Case 5:

Case 6:

Case 7:

Case 8:

Case 9:

So here, you either grapple above the horizontal bar and let it fall, or have a stronger grapple to hold onto the corner bar in place without it falling down.

Sorry for only the first 5 images being displayed, but there is a limit so click on the links for the last ones.

Cases 1 and 2 are potentially not a CLIMB. If you’re contacting only the side rails, then yes, you’re only contacting 2 levels at a time and the climb will count. If you’re using the corner rails, you’re contacting more than 3 levels at a time, and the climb will not count. (Remember, the floor is a level.) Cases 3 and 4 are then moot.

Cases 5-9 are almost certainly a climb. However…

In all cases, remember that the robot must contact Level 1 before contacting Level 2.

With case 5, the robot will grapple to level 1 corner bar, then pull up before firing a grapple to level 2 corner bar to pull the robot over the 1st horizontal bar. So I guess it would work.

To anyone who said Case 1 is legal, it is not. Remember the floor is Level 0 and if the robot is contacting the Pyramid in Level 2 from Level 0 it is non sequential and thus not a CLIMB.

Well, while the noted ones are indeed CLIMBs, what’d you define as “firing a grapple”? If you that you define it like a grappling gun, then your first problem would be in having a grappling gun on the robot.

Option 1 is illegal, in my opinion. I am assuming your robot is on the floor (level 0) when it deploys the grapple onto the vertical rail. The grapple then slides down until it hits the corner’s horizontal rail. I assume you start to pull the robot off the floor at this time. Before you leave the floor, your grapple is around the vertical rail in zone 2, resting on the horizontal rail in zone 1 and touching the floor in zone 0. Clearly, this is not a legal climb.

Carry this reasoning to Option 2 and it is also illegal.

Will have to go back and look at the other options before commenting on them.


Dr. Bob
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Cases 1 and 2 are not valid climbs because of non-sequential contact and contacting more than 3 zones.

Case 3 is a valid climb* because there is no non-sequential contact and only 2 levels are contacted.

Case 4 is a valid climb* because there is no upper bound to Level 3.

Case 5 is a valid climb* to level 0 because the floor was never left. If the robot were to break contact with the floor, it would be a valid climb* to level 1.

Cases 6 and 7 are valid climbs* because there is no non-sequential contact and only 2 levels are contacted at a time.

Case 8 is a valid climb* like Case 3.

Case 9 is a valid climb* like Case 4.

*assuming the robot reached that position with a valid climb.

Also note that illegal and invalid climbs are 2 different things. It’s legal to climb the Pyramid in an invalid manner, it just doesn’t count for points.