Climbing timeing

Hey, just a simple question, as soon as teleoperated starts can we start climbing the pryrmid or do we have to wait for the last 30 seconds? Theres nothing i see against it in the rules but they said that “in the last part robots can climb…”. Now looking at the history i dont think it would be a big deal, you had to wait with the minibots but that was a race, you didnt have to wait on the bridges, but we needed to bridges to get across the field, im not sure how it was on breakout but if theres no definitive answer then what do you think from a historical prespective?

Please look at FRC Q&A. To answer your question, you can start whenever.

Thank you, thats all i needed

Historical perspective says that if the rules don’t say otherwise, you can climb whenever. 2010, hang whenever. 2004, several teams hung or tried to hang either in automode or right afterwards.

But… I’m not the Q&A, and neither is anyone else on CD.

Eric, I am about to fulfill the prophecy on your signature.

Unofficial: Post to CD–>CD views and comments, sometimes using The Manual and interpreting it–>Somebody goes the Official route -->Answer gets posted on CD eventually, as a quote from Q&A.

   Q.At what time may the robot begin climbing the pyramid? The manual doesn't seem to specify. 
   A.There are no Rules dictating when a ROBOT may begin to CLIMB the PYRAMID.