Climbing to Level 3 (2019)

Hi, I need some advice on climbing to level 3 for the 2019 game. We thought about a humvee approach (there is a video out there of one climbing a vertical wall if you don’t know what I’m talking about) but we aren’t sure if that will work with bumpers. Does anyone have testing to show it does?? Or testing of new ideas??

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Well there have been a video of a lego prototype of a under belly four bar lift that seems to work in theory. There is also an idea to modify frc 118 bridge climber that can suit the need of climbing on the 3rd level.

LEGO climb prototype


I found this video about frc 118 bridge climber, a cool concept. I have a couple of questions:

  1. The step 3 is a flat smooth surface, how would you make sure you have traction?
  2. Do you think the wheels would reach to drive up on the platform?
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Well you can use various rubber type material like gum rubber sleeve to deal with the smooth surface of the platform. To answer the second question, it depends on the type of drive. If your using tank treaded wheels, that should get past the edge of surface to drive onto. But if your using like the AndyMark swerve, might have to compensate the clearance between the wheel and the bumper. However, I believe the rules state as long as your robot is above and being supported only by the surface of platform and not leaning on the edge of it, then it would be considered a climb.

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Are there any motors fast/strong enough?

If you utilize gearbox and/or sprocket reductions you can definitely use some combination of motors to accomplish the challenge.

Makes sense.

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It will depend a lot on the type of wheels you are using, the weight of your robot, the amount of power being sent to each wheel, the geometries of your robot, etc… so no matter what anyone here tells you, you will have to do a lot of experimentation yourself. Please note that the Humvee is relying on traction from at least 2 tires on the ground pushing against one tire on the vertical surface so that the one tire can lift the front of the vehicle. At least that’s what the factory driver did when we got a demonstration ride.

The team member who worked on that mechanism told me that the vertical rollers were to allow their robot to move along the length of the bridge to bring it into balance. They are not for climbing. It would also be a good idea to study the video to determine how the weight of 118’s robot is supported to determine if you have the same opportunities in this game.

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In terms of climbing to level 3, it’s also good to look towards real-life applications. For example, paramedics use a gurney to climb heights like that all the time. Would there be some way to construct a mechanism dependent of human manipulation to help climb onto the level 3 platform?

Our teams top idea for climbing the hab is using pneumatics at the bottom of the robot to push us up. A video of this was posted by “Robot in 3 Days” on YouTube.

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Have you Tried a rack and pinon approach?