I could say something technical but I think I will allow myself a moment to pause in the awesomeness… Sweet.

Well lets see, News is pretty obvious i mean news is news good or bad… yahoo is bad, never afan i dont know why, and .com is either commercial or communication or somthing else, ap i assume is associated press, then i see the date of too day, and then a couple of dots and of_invisibility i am assuming is part of the title of the article in question… and someone let me know when this is enough discussion on a hyperlink, but anywho, its blue and underlined there is an HTTP:// which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and all the dots and slashes they are back slashes which are different fron front slashes, backslashes fall backwards and front slashes fall frontwards… i missed the s between .com/ and /ap i wish what all those dots were saying… i know they are hiding somthing from me… i know your scheme dots you are trying to keep important information from the world… KAHN!!! raises fist in anger

oh this was in Pop Sci a couple of months ago…

That post made me happy.

cool stuff. Its always cool to see someones once fictional idea actually built.

There are but two words to describe this (I saw it yesterday)- MAD COOL!!!

However, we think the world is dangerous now- what would happen if (and this is a big what if) terrorists got ahold of this? That could mean a whole lot of trouble. Hmm…

The Canuck

Okay, their invisibility seems a bit different from what researchers in Japan were doing a few years ago when I first read about the possibility for “invisible.” So I’ll just say cool! Neato! Peachy keen! and nifty!

CNN article from 2003 This one seems more like a camera trick, but it’s uses could be really great. I wonder where they ended up with it.


wow. thats about all I can add to this discussion at this point… :ahh:

I never heard any more about this technology. The article says that jacket is luminous, does that mean it lights up somehow on its own?

I was thinking it was made with fiber optics, woven so the light from the backside is tranmitted out the front side.

BTW, I love it when reporters try get technical, when they have no idea what they are talking about. The floor of jetliners?! We already have that, they are called WINDOWS!

A bird of prey cannot fire while she is cloak.

*nov, *SoHvaD pagh vIjatlh!

tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH’a’?

hhhmmmm… i dont know. sounds fishy.

during WW2 American aircraft that hunted submarines had an effective cloaking system.

It would measure the brightness (and maybe color?) of the sky behind the aircraft, and lights on the front of the plane matched the sky.

From a distance it made the planes very difficult to spot visually. By the time the plane was close enough for a submarine to spot it, they did not have enough time to dive and escape.