Close center cap in Auto

Lone Star Regional. One team just missed center cap in auto mode. It wasn’t centered. WOW. I don’t know which team. Does Anyone???

Added. It was Cryptonite Robotics Team 624
Added. Close again the next time out. WOW

They just made another run at it… perfectly centered, but not quite high enough. I hope they’ll get a chance in the finals to pull it off.

EDIT: 624 is captaining the fifth-seeded alliance. If there’s a team that can knock off the top seed, this would be the one. Should be a great finals.

Hey Wayne, get the Tiki out and dust it off, 624 wants to take it home!

They had a perfect opportunity in QF 2-3. The vision tetra was right in front of the goal… they couldn’t have asked for a more perfect position. Unfortunately, as they lifted it, it got caught on the underside of the center goal. :frowning:

Which might, perhaps, make it not a perfect starting position?

I personally think the two places in the middle slightly left and right of center would be easiest to cap (easiest is a relative term).

Congrats to 624 for their auto program. Great stuff.

Same thing happened to us in Rochester =(

Any new update?

They never got it all the way on through all the competiion, lots of really close times though. Barry Boznak is gonna upload a picture so you can see how close it was to capping.

Good job Cryptonite! You guys did really good. It’s a bummer you didn’t move on. Hope to see you guys next year.

All the way is very hard to call, hopefully the videos will show what the entire crowd saw when 624 capped the center goal with the tetra slightly ajar.

Also, I want to congratulate 418 for the most unique autonomous routine at Lone Star. The timing to grab a hanging tetra and then cap is very difficult but they mastered the challenge!

hey now! we might move on, just you see. were seeing what we can do right now.