Closed circuit

is there any way of creating a closed circuit pneumatics?
so what would happen would be that u would flip a switch and it would go up

or is there a substitute for the micro controller that would go on the robot?

Yes, there is. The RC sends a small signal to the spike which sends a larger +12 volt output to the pneumatic solenoid. If you were to hook the solenoid to +12V directly, or even with a switch in between, it should work fine.

The switch must be able to handle the current (number of Amps) that the solenoid requires. I don’t have the specs off hand, so
i don’t know what that value is.

This would be against the FIRST rules, so you would not be able to do this for a competition, but it will work to test, or if you are using pneumatics for another purpose.

The RC? or the Spike? Either way, the only way you could use something else would be as a slave to the RC…and certainly not in place of a Spike.

The only control system you can use is the one in the KOP–RC, OI, Victor 884s, Spikes.