[CLOSED] Looking to Donate Some Equiptment [NJ/NY/Staten Island]


Hey all.

I have some FRC equipment laying around in my garage that I’d like to donate to a team. I have what’s left of our arm (motors, wheels (those expensive green flexible ones), aluminum), batteries, chargers, I think I have bumpers too.

I want to donate it all to a local team. Pickup only in Staten Island. Please let me know if you’re interested!

Could you detail exactly what you have? It’s over a hour drive one way for me so want to make sure it’s useful. Thanks!

I realize it’s probably not the most useful stuff. Here’s a few pictures:

The most valuable part is probably the batteries and charger. The arm has versa gear boxes on the motors as well. Those clear wheels fit extrusion. Hope this helps. (monitor box not included :))

If nobody wants it, I’d appreciate some advice (maybe an FRC contact?) on somewhere else to donate this stuff.

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Hey, I’m not too far away in Brooklyn… Very interested in the battery charger (2579 has some under-performing chargers currently) and if they’re still available, the intake as well.

Hey there, mentor of 6943, I would love to pickup whatever is available as we are quite short on, well, everything! I frequently travel between NJ/NY so transportation/pickup should be no problem.

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Unfortunately I’ve already set up a pickup time with another team. Best of luck in future seasons. I’ll change the subject to closed.

hello, I am from 6860. I am interested in maybe 1 or 2 batteries, the pistons, and the arm if that’s not taken yet