Closing celebration changes for championship

I haven’t seen anything in this announcement to lead me to believe that the hours of speeches and other finale content is being eliminated.

We went to Ford Field instead of Minute Maid Park.


GRB sucked for the Round Robin. My brother and i tried to find seats mid-round robin, and there was literally 0 room available, and had to stand on the stairs, getting in the way of people coming up and down, to try and watch on the jumbotrons.

MMP at least had seats i could sit in…

disclaimer im 100% down for removing MMP, the only true downside is the loss of the fireworks which the team loved

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Every single person who’s posted an opposing viewpoint to this change is on a team zoned to the Detroit Champs. That may explain it.


The converse is not true.

Also, this is Chief Delphi.

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Add me to the list of disappointed members that wish Einstein had the same feel in a convention center as it did in a football stadium.

The setup for the last 3 years in Houston, and 2 in Detroit have been unfortunate. Giving up on that feel is sad, and for whatever reason they are doing so (maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn’t) I think there is still significant loss here. I didn’t love the most recent setup, but just because that setup was bad doesn’t mean that the big stadium feel doesn’t have huge value to the competitors, as well as the spectators.


Can’t wait to see what FIRST is using the MILLIONS of dollars saved by not using MMP/FF for instead. They definitely wouldn’t just pocket that savings instead of passing it along to teams through registration fee reduction.

EDIT: I am fully aware team registration fees did not directly pay for MMP and FF. That said, the overall point that FIRST is using less money on the event, while likely still able to raise that money for other things remain. From a team perspective, teams are paying the same amount for a lesser product.


I could be entirely wrong, but I believe Qualcomm pays for most of champs so FIRST might be financially equal from previous years.


First does a lot of things well. Championship Einstein and closing ceremonies is not one of them. Especially in Houston.


I do not believe any details regarding postseason events after this year have been announced. I wonder what this means for the current locations, and any future alternative or additional locations for these events.

I think we miss an opportunity to create an Einstein Round Robin in a basketball/hockey arena with overflow/alternative viewing in the convention centers, but I understand why FIRST and venue operators would be hesitant to coordinate such activities.

I think we are losing an opportunity to have students and, for these environments in particular, potential sponsors, fully take in the spectacle of FIRST and its flagship Robotics Competition. That being said, the mark has been missed almost every time since we left St Louis.


I would say it was way worse. St Louis had the event in a central spot (surrounded by a horseshoe of seats), with the field installed in front of curtains hiding the walkways. In ford field it looked like it was set up in a rush, and the FRC field was shoved into a corner of the stadium floor space. Between that and splicing up the various finals rounds of the different competitions; the whole experience felt under produced.

The only worse champs I’ve viewed was when took half the Jones dome for his concert stage, and teams had to compete in the convention center. Kind of ironic how that was seen as a worse venue then, and now it’s how the entirety of detroit is played.


So I still have time to drive home, pick up dinner along the way, and watch the Einstein Finals in the air conditioned comfort of my home :slight_smile:


Note that the email as posted says, “… followed by final matches and awards of …” Unless things have changed, FLL does not have the concept of “final” matches. They play a specific number of randomly assigned matches, and the highest score for all their matches counts.


As someone who has been a digital spectator for Championship the past three seasons, it’s stark and apparent that this holds true. Getting rid of MMP/FF makes sense logistically and effectively to reduce the burden to sponsors who graciously paid for access to those two venues, but it has a very distinct impact on the perceived quality of program.

“This is the best we can do?”

And if I’m reading that right, FRC starts at 6:45am and ends… ??? Whenever? That reads like a 14+ hour day for volunteers on the end of an intense crunch already. Hope your scouting meetings don’t go late for those of you vying for an Einstein run…


This is nothing new (something something Einstein Houston 2017)


Actually, without a multi-hour delay scheduled while things move from convention center to ballpark, the overall length of the day should be shorter.


I enjoyed round robin in GRB way more than MMP last year. Even though we primarily were watching the screen because we were too far to the side, it was much better than viewing the MMP screen, dealing with audio that was either too loud or too quiet, or horrible angles of the field from MMP bleachers. So I am very glad to see MMP nixed all together. The transfer of people into MMP was rough as well… You never know what weather may be like that time of year either.

I can see where Ford Field may have been better - Atlanta and st Louis I thought were a great feel and I imagine FF may have been closer to that.

For better or worse I don’t know that I ever see champs having the same spectacle or feel for teams as St Louis or Atlanta. It’s pretty clear HQs concern at champs is more about showing off the teams to sponsors, but in my opinion this change is one where HQ is thankfully putting the team experience first. Now if they could just make that start time later and reduce the time spent on speeches…


I think the Ford Field is very impressive. It’s a little disappointing, as that is where I had one of the best times of my life. For teams that travel far to make it to Detroit (some FMA teams), I don’t care how far I have to walk to get to Ford Field. It was all about the experience and robots. Not the walk to it (if it was, I wouldn’t drive out to Detroit) - but more of what was inside it. Although many look down upon the walk, and are disappointed, some teams enjoy that, and (our team is very superstitious) we’d like to look at that walk, and hope we could get to do it. Ford Field shows the extremity of FIRST, and frankly symbolizes the opposite of the common stereotype of robotics competitions. Yes, Ford Field had downsides, but would you rather have no competition? It’s Detroit! Kid Rock’s home, and of course GM. Be happy, even if you aren’t a Detroit Lions fan. The Cobo Center is still great through, as it projects an amazing and intense atmosphere that.

This is just my personal opinion, so no one has to tear down at it. I’m sure wherever FIRST goes, they will make us sure we feel accomplished.


I know a lot of us students from my last team really want to go to the minute maid field. Last year we were able to go to worlds but due to unfortunate scheduling with our bus driver we had to leave early. The then juniors on our team made a goal to get to the field next year. Its gonna suck to have to break the news to them.

Happy to get out earlier (Hopefully).

The move to Ford Field was always a pain. Glad to see it gone.

The email mentioned it made changes " to make them even more fun and rewarding for teams."

Nothing in the email seemed to indicate what the fun and rewarding aspects of the change will be. Maybe they’re going to charge us $1,000 less to go to champs. That would be rewarding.

Also, two champs sucks. Always has, always will.


I was fully onboard with your post until we got to this.