CMI Team Applications Are LIVE

The Overwatch Cooler Master Invitational

The OCMI is a competitive eSports event featuring Overwatch. Teams made up of FRC/VEX students will compete over 2 days for part of a $40,000 prize pool. The event will be cast live on twitch with a full production crew including castors, analysts, and interviewers. Tickets are free for attendees. Tons of raffles for those watching online and in person.

Team applications are now live! Please look through the site for more info about the event/fundraiser. We look forward to seeing all the submissions. I will be at the LA Regional and Houston Champs if you want more info or have specific questions you would like to ask in person.

Team Application

Volunteer Signup

Good luck!

Your main link is wrong. It goes to instead of The application link is correct - it is just the title.

Can you volunteer as a chat mod even if you aren’t attending? I would assume yes?

Good catch, thanks.

Yes, mods can be remote.

Ready for LA Regional!

Check out an interview with team 702 about the CMI.

Reminder! Applications are due before May 1st! We look forward to all of them!

Only a few more days left! This is a great chance to get some funds for your team. We also have volunteer spots if your team doesn’t get selected or can’t attend.