CMP 2015 volunteer assignments

I got my assignment for CMP - I’m an official scorer! Hooray! (I’m also helping with field assembly on Tuesday)

I’ve never volunteered at an event before (though have several years as a mentor on a team). What function does the scorer perform in this game? Count totes on the scoring platform? Figure out if an element is scored or not (i.e. not entirely on the platform?)

Moreover, what is everyone else doing?

Each scorer works with a referee to count the totes that are scored on the platform in front of them. A simple box with an electronic clicker to operate.

Also, see the job description for Official Scorer. It’s a role that was added this year. (Which means given this is week 1, they are still figuring out best practices. The link gives you the gist.)

Yeah, I saw that and was still unclear on exactly what’s involved. I was hoping for experiences from prior years, I guess - but if it’s a new position, then there won’t be any :smiley:

I guess folks who were involved in week 1 can share their experiences, if any. If not, I’ll wait and see! Looking forward to it and it’s only week 1!

As a scorer, you hold a clicker and count totes on the scoring platform. Push the “plus one” button for each tote added and the “minus one” button for each tote that falls off. It’s a pretty nice job if you like to watch matches as you can’t get closer to the field without being run over by robots.

There have definitely been scorers before, and the rule has been in VIMS. It’s just that, for unexplainable reasons, they were not used last year.

I’m lead que on a division and I’ll be helping to assemble the fields on Tuesday.

Speaking of volunteering at the champ they are in need of a whole lot of volunteers this year not only for FRC but for FTC and FLL as well. If your team does not qualify for champs this would be a great opportunity to come down and mass volunteer as a group. You’ll get a great looking t-shirt and the food is amazing! You can even put it down on your Chairman’s submission that you did it. Most of all you would be a significant part of FIRST history as they take the next big step in their evolution so please feel free to step up and help out.

There are also the conferences.

Working for FTC, checking in teams and volunteers! A new role at CMP for me!

I’ve been signed up to inspect for a few months now… Nothing beats volunteering at champs!

I’m going to be a Robot Inspector and…wait for it…A Judge :ahh:

Who has time for those? :frowning:

I got my assignment today, I’ll be with team queuing. This is my first time volunteering with FRC, is there anything in particular that I should expect?

Very very very excited to be field reset at champs on Friday and Saturday. First time volunteering at champs and first time I’ll be on a field at champs. Very excited!!! What a great way to end my first year of college.

Inspecting one of the best jobs IMHO.

I am also overall que supervisor (along with Dave Ferrerra). Which means I will be wandering around the WHOLE dome supporting all the fields! My feet hurt already!

I’m a scorekeeper (the kind that works with FMS, not to be confused with the people counting totes during matches).

Welcome to the club Wayne. Looking forward to working with you :slight_smile: