CMP Engineering Inspiration Award Winners List?

Does anyone have a compiled list of past winners since 1992? Has there been such an award since the inception of FIRST?
We are trying to compile a list for documentation, and have not found it anywhere.


I would think if someone had a event program for the Championship Event for any of the years they have had a program book that info would be listed in there.

I have one at home, & if no one replies to this, I’ll check to see if that info is in there.

I can almost guarantee that the award has not been around since '92…I don’t remember it being one of the categories in '98 or '99 when I went down with my HS team…not real sure when they added it though…

FWTW, the awards for '03-'08 can be found at

And '02 can be found at doesn’t work for '01 or older it appears though

Thanks so far. We will follow up.
Makes me think, maybe FIRST could compile a list for all of the CMP awards over the years…