CMP Pre-Scouting using the Scouting Database Viz

At long last, we have the full list of teams at Houston CMP and their field assignments! Let pre-scouting commence!! (or continue…)

The CMP team listing data has been pulled into the Scouting Database Viz so you can get a visual of all the teams on your field along with the team’s specific performance data. The “Upcoming Event” filter contains all 6 fields and is located at the bottom left if using a PC or above the charts if using a phone.

Another super awesome pre-scouting tool for each of the fields is Evan Forbes’ Houston | FRC Division Notifier. It is a fantastic tool for you to use to learn about the teams that are on your field, what they’ve accomplished this season along with trends and lots of other way cool data.

Have fun getting ready for CMP scouting by watching film, perusing data charts and graphs, and using the above tools. With luck, they will make your pre-scouting a bit easier in the next couple of days.



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