CMP Video 2k4


In addition to the LiVE webcast of the Championship, our SOAP site should have the movies of each match posted within a few minutes of completion. Live scores, however, will very likely not be possible…use the FIRST site. We anticipate creating a dummy html file to have a link for all the match numbers in each division, but it will be up to you to realize what match has completed before trying to download that file.

Unfortunately we do not have the [human] bandwidth to create an automatic, dynamic list as in year’s past. We have a lot of re-tooling to go through this offseason. Thank you for your patience with us this year. It’s been very difficult for many of us on the team.

p.s. It could be very useful to us to hear any success stories you’ve had in using the SOAP Website, the Scouting Reports, and/or The Movies to enhance your strategy or overall marketing of your team.

SOAP Team - Team 108 - SigmaC@T
Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS
Plantation, FL

KA-108 :cool:

Just to give you an idea of what he’s talking about, one of our team members was at Palm Bay last weekend. There, he noticed that 386 (Team VOLTAGE), was using some soap footage of their robot to help raise money. It’s a great tool and is really effective at explaining to people what the robot does.

I personally keep at least one of our digitized matches on my iPaq at all times, in case i end up explaining FIRST to anyone (which happens quite often). Thanks all!

Thanks so much Soap108!!! Our team mentor, Bill McGowan, is the MC on the Einstein field today, so we thought he wouldn’t be able to see any of our matches for days. Thanks for proving us wrong :slight_smile: !

Excellent work Soap 108. These videos are great quality, much better than the webcasts (which have a zoomed out view). :wink: