CMU cam and drive wheels

I’m a really novice programmer and I have no idea how to deal with this problem. We downloaded Kevin’s code and have been able to track the light, but we want to put the drive motors on pwm01 and pwm02. We changed them in the program where it defines them, but now the drive motors will not work. Is there something in the program that negates how user_routines.c maps the port 1 joystick to pwm01?

Any help that you can give would be much appreciated!

yes, in the camera code, the whole routine that maps joysticks to pwm ports is commented out ( // and /* */)

//  ***  IFI Code Starts Here***
//  static unsigned char i;
//  Getdata(&rxdata);   /* Get fresh data from the master microprocessor. */
//  Default_Routine();  /* Optional.  See below. */
//  /* Add your own code here. (a printf will not be displayed when connected to the breaker panel unless a Y cable is used) */

you can see that the function calling the Default_Routine (joystick mapping) has been commented out…I believe this is for safety, i.e. human drive can’t drive the robot while the robots driving itself…

You could rememdy the situation by letting the camera drive and align itself, turn the camera off, and then begin calling this function, but I’m not sure exactly how that could be done yet.

Thanks a bunch! I really apprciate that!