CMU cam and Linux?

I’m trying to use the CMUcam frontend to test my team’s CMU cam. The frontend starts up just fine but no matter what I do I cannot get a picture from the CMUcam. Has anyone gotten the CMUcam frontend to work on Linux? I am not allowed to install Java on my school’s Window$ computers so I must get this to work on Linux.

By the way I’m running slackware 10.0 with Java 2 installed.

The GUI requires a Windows DLL (sserial.dll) in order to run. As for not being allowed to install Java, that’s just ****.

However, as it has been said before, you could easily write your own (or, if you don’t mind not seeing the image, just use a terminal app). If you need a base, the source came with the app.

A quick google search turned up a Java program written specificly for use on Linux with the CMUcam. It can be found here. I have not gotten a chance to test it out with the CMUcam yet but it was written by students at CMU so I’m sure it will work. But then again I love to re-invent the wheel so I’m thinking of making a custom app! :smiley: I started reading through the code in and found the following…

This file was a first attempt at making a cross platform
program.  This may seem strange, but this program switches
serial functions based on the OS.  Eventually I might get
around to using the java serial calls, but for now this
seems to work.

String tempOs = new String( System.getProperty(""));
	if(tempOs.startsWith("Windows")) os=0;
		System.out.println( "Windows Detected" );
		 int error;
        	error = serialPort.openSerial(new Integer(commPort).intValue(), 5);
        	if (error != 0) {
            	System.err.println("Error " + error + " during openSerial()");
		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Can't open serial port!", "Port Error", JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE );	
		serialPort.setReadTimeout(50); //Illah - make this much smaller?
        	System.out.println("serial port successfully opened!");     

	    { // Unix Serial Init
		System.out.println( "Unix Based System Detected" );
		    sPortIn = new FileInputStream( commPort );
		    sPortOut = new FileOutputStream( commPort );
		catch(Exception e){ System.out.println(e);}

This is supposed to switch serial functions when used on different OSes but it does not seem to work. The comment at the beginning of the file talks about a later version of this program using Java calls to communicate with the CMUcam. What are those calls and where can I find info on them?