CMU Cam Freeze-ups

On our team, we have successfully made the camera track the FIRST target, but when we start using our drivetrain, then the camera freezes up and cannot be “unfroze” with any software. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The obvious suspect is the sudden drop in voltage.

We’ve had luck with reititialize the camera whenever we don’t receive T-packets for a couple of cycles, but we do it repeatedly until the camera responds, with a proper delay to allow the camera extra time to complete initialization. It also sometimes takes care of the case where the lock light stays on even with no target. We test it by unplugging the camera.

I’ll run that by our mentors and probably go through the system with a multimeter. We run 2 minibikes on the shooters, 4 small CIM’s in our transmissions, and 2 Fischer Price’s in our ball Rollers. This is a lot of volts, and we may be drawing from the back-up battery