CMU Cam + Lab view Question

Hi All,

I was wondering is if it is possible to get camera calibration values without the CMU cam being attached to the RC? Can I just hook into a computer running labview somehow and read values in on the screen?


As far as I knew, using the Labview app was the only way of getting calibration values.

Team 195 Teaser #3: I could probably give you a more to the point answer. That shows how much I know about that camera.

Download Labview Apps for FIRST

To clarify: I am wondering if it is necessary to hook the camera to the RC, the Laptop running Labview to the OC Dashboard port, and get the data that way, or if one can simply hook directly between the laptop and the CMUCam, run labview, and have everything be fine and dandy?

yes you can use the Serial port on the camera itself hook that up to the laptop and have it work fine + dandy…

as far as will you get diffrent values or will the picture be diffrent going through the RC i have no idea im still trying to figure it out myself =(

The calibration values already built in to the camera code should work. The lit vision target this year is a consistent color, and is a lot more trackable than the reflective panels last year were.

  1. You can’t have the camera connected to a PC and the RC at the same time. It will send to one but not the other.
  2. Last year’s Java GUI still works, although it is somewhat buggy.

Who says that I’ll be traking the vision target?