CMU CAM2 image colors looks weird!! urgent help needed

Hi guys…desperately need help on this…my supposingly white color in the image from the camera appears to be yellowish…and the color of my hand appears to be dark dark blue…what is happening to the image?? anyone there pls help!!!

What application are you using to view the image? The camera has probably been placed in a color mode other than RGB, making colors look very odd on the monitor. (For detecting the green target light, the YCrCb mode is preferred.)

i am writting an application myself to display the cmu cam 2 image…that means to say the image data output by the send frame command is not in RGB format?? do u know how to convert it to rgb cos in my application…i set each RGB colors of each pixel according to the whole chunk of image data which i supposed it to be in ( r g b r g b r g b …) as well…