CMU Cam2 Java app (Help with Labview GUI)

Does anyone know where we could get the CMU Cam2 Java application to run the camera, our Labview GUI is not working we might be able to grab a frame or two then we get an error box telling us to check our serial ports and what not. Could someone help us out with this

This is what we use and it works great

works great…make sure you have your ports and everything configured…more information about that can be found on

to set up…check what port you are using by going to your control panel, system, hardware, device manager, ports (com and lpt), find where your cord is hooked up and then when you start the program, put the number of the port you are using…

it should say searching for camera…and then give you the camera name and a version number

Good luck and feel free to email me if you are still having problems…

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Are you using the latest update of the LabVIEW code? The problem you are describing existed in the original release, but it has since been fixed.


Hi everyone,

I’m using the CMUCAM2 GUI to calibrate the CMU camera with Kevin’s code on the vex controller. The camera communicates perfectly with the controller.

The thing holding me back is using the GUI to come up with a set of calibration parameters to use with Kevin’s code. I’m trying to track various illuminated targets around my apartment (TV, an LED target) and want to use these targets in control algorithms. RGB calibration is no problem, but since Kevin’s code uses (and tracks much more effectively) in YCrCb space, I want to grab the YCrCb calibration parameters.

has anyone had any success in using the GUI to do this? I don’t have our team’s labview laptop with me at the moment, so I’d like to stick to this application. I’m just not sure how the color ranges in the color tab relate to the Y, Cr, and Cb ranges.