CMU Camera

Quick question, the serial port on the CMU camera is made only to test the camera not to connect to the Robot Control, correct?
please help, anything. yes I sound stupid for not knowing this.

The CMU camera has in fact TWO serial “connections” but only ONE SERIAL PORT.

It has a DB-9 serial interface, and a TTL serial interface. They are infact one. That’s why you MUST unconnect the TTL serial when you program or look at the screen captures using the DB-9 port. Then when done connect the TTL serial interface back up.

You CAN in theory connect the DB-9 port of the camera to the DB-9 port of the robot controller.

Couple of things…If you have ANY PRINTF’s you’ll need to turn them off or reconfigure your RC to printF to another port, like the TTL serial port.

Also you’ll have to configure the camera driver to read from the DB-9 port on the RC instead of the TTL serial port.

Generally, most people I assume use a PWM cable, TTL board to connect the camera, then HOT GLUE the crap out of the TTL PWM cable end at the camera and hot glue the TTL board down at the RC end…at least that’s what we do.

I count THREE serial “connections” on the CMUCAM :slight_smile:

how do i get the camera to show me live feed from the robot to the monitor? i havent connected the camera to a monitor yet