CMU green specs?

Anybody what were the specs for the amount of green in RGB format? or is it like green screen color or something like that? also if anyone could add a picture it would be great.

I do not have the RGB numbers any more (my ancient laptop crashed and wiped out the pics I took at competition color calibration :mad: ), but I do have the YCrCb numbers if you’re interested:

Y: 128
Cr: 90
Cb: 108

They will be different for everyone and must be calibrated on a location to location basis. The color perceived by the camera depends on a number of factors including

  • Type and brightness of light used. Different types of lighting( incandescent, flourescent, halogen, HID) have radically different spectral profiles
  • angle at which surface is viewed.
  • current camera settings (AGC, white balance, etc)
  • Surface texture of paint. Is it applied to the plastic used on the official tetras or is it a mockup wooden tetra? Was it applied with a brush or a sprayer?
  • at what angle are you viewing the object
  • how wide do you want your color window
  • The CMU cams use a pretty crappy CCD. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are differences large enough to be considered signifigant between different batches of cameras

It is almost pointless to give out color numbers.

Also, there’s another one that you might not have thought of.

At UCF (Florida), some of the time the outside doors are open, sometimes they are closed, so at different times during the regional, the numbers will vary depending on how the door configuration is. The reason they are open is due to some of the pits being located outdoors so not everyone has to crunch inside of the floor of the arena.