CMUcam for Dummies?

Ok heres my problem: I have no previouse programing experience, and my team is expecting me to alomst single handedly get the CMUcam working this year.They want it to be able to find the screen, lock onto it, then tell the bot exactly what to do to get the ball through the goal. Not only in autonomous period, but all through the manual periods. I have been reading through different tutorials, and threads, but everything I read is going over my head. Is there some place that is something like a CMUcam for dummies, that can tell someone like me where to start? Any help you can give me will be very much appriciated, thank you. You can e-mail me at [email protected].

my team programmer (sitting beside me) says that if you find kevin watson’s code and load it to the RC that it will do the cmucam for you. also, you can read his code (he commented all over the place so that everyone will know what it means) and set the camera to track faster or slower as needed.

good luck

Read the help file is EasyC. Even if you don’t use EasyC its pretty much as close
to what your looking for as you can get. If you upload Tutorial 7 to your robot you can have it follow the target with ZERO programing.