Hi, im Branden Gee, my Robotics Team just got a CMUcam-II and we are having a bit of a problem hooking up the camera to the computer.

The problem is that both LED’s (Red and Green) continue to both stay lit.

Any sugjestions would be great
-Branden gee

Oh, and we have already gone through the trouble shooting thing.


1st, The CMUcam is programming, not electrical

2nd, This CMUcam Sub-Forum may be of some help to you

Have you checked out He has some good information. Also check out

If I recall, arent both lights supposed to be on? Its been a year so i dont recall.

Provide just power to it and see if you can talk to it with hyperterminal or JavaApp from the CMU website.

All right thanks Kingofl337 chris31 and Steve S., will do.


Yeah, but we are having trouble finding the Clock and Sierial Jumpers, which are not shown anywhere on the diagrams we have.

Agian we are trying to figure out what the Clock and Serial jumpers are, and where they go. Any help would be great

-Branden Gee

There are no jumpers that are labeled that… Do u have ur servos attached to ur camera?.. are u using more then 1 RS232 that is connected to the camera? … is the jumper for the Oscillator Connect in place?.. are the servos being powered by internal? or external…not sure? check the jumper, usually its applied to internal…

Another Good suggestion is to try the camera in Demo Mode… first apply power to the robot…turn off the switch… press and hold user button while turning on the switch… the red light should be flashing for 5 seconds…if the red light is flashing let go of the user button… once that is done… make sure u have good lighting in the room and get a recycle bin… place it in front of the camera … and press the user button… make sure that ur hand is not in the way or else the camera will not capture the color of the recycle bin… it should now follow the bin as u move it around… Sometimes i have found out that first u have to do the demo mode inorder for it to work with the Java file… sounds werid but works for me:)

Also for the camera to track stuff in ‘demo mode,’ it needs the servos to be connected to the camera itself. On the camera you will see five 3 pin connections. The very top i believe is pan and second one down is tilt. IF the camera is on, you will get some force from the little motors… dont be afraid … good thing… its hard to work around the force from the motors so try ur best…

If the camera seems to be ALIVE MAHAHAHA…srry… during demo mode, but doesnt not seem to be tracking the recycling bin, maybe its too dark in the room OR … the servos just may need to be reversed… Now to do that… you will see six 2 pin connections. The first one on the left is to reverse pan and the second one, beside pan is to reverse tan…For me… i have to put a jumper on reverse pan … and it then usually works, but it depends on how u built the camera it self… have fun!!

Srry very long!!!:slight_smile:

Hmmmm… also!!

how are u connected to the computer? or robot?..serial cable?? or usb? … i noe for my usb to serial … it doesnt transfer that fast enough for the java file to grab a frame… Also have you set your com/serial port to

115200 Baud
8 Data bits
1 Stop bit
No Parity
local echo on
no flow control

that could also help u out a bit … if this seems confusing … PM me and i’ll try to explain it further:) … i lack in english skills:( … let me know:)

Alright thank We will try that as soon as possible.
-Branden Gee

Also keep in mind that the red and green light should be on …