CMUCam not working.

My team is having difficulties using the CMUCam. We’ve properly powered the camera, and connected it to two different laptops and were unable to get it working. We’ve made sure our terminal software, and port settings are correct. When we apply power the power LED lights, along with a single status LED. We have read the documentation and think we might be missing the clock jumper, but can’t locate its position on the board. Any assistance is appreciated.

P.S. The CMUCam software also does not work.

There’s another thread about problems with the CMUcam here.


I followed the directions in the “start here” pdf documentation and it worked fine. I know you to be a very competent technical individual so I will skip the normal #$%^%& and ask which Java did you install?

In the “CMU Cam Assembly.pdf” diagram there is:

  • A jumper on the “Oscillator Connect”
  • A jumper on the “Internal Power to Servos” (although this won’t affect your inital tests).

Make sure it’s not connected to the TTL port on the RC controller.

If you continue to have trouble, want to take a drive to Hauppauge?

Hello. (I’m on matt’s team) I installed the latest JVM from My serial port works fine for everything except this.