CMUcam power

We know this sounds like a stupid question, but how can you tell if the camera is receiving power? We are having trouble with our camera and are troubleshooting it right now. We have tried both on an off positions on the camera for the switch with no success. I have read there is a light on the camera, unless I read that wrong, that would tell. Yet, I cannot seem to find it on the circuit.

As I recall, if both the green and the red LED are on, the camera is powered and running correctly ( correctly as in not about to explode :wink: ).

Where are these red and green LEDS?

Eh, on either the top left, or the bottom right of the camera, depending on the orientation. However, when it turns on, you can’t miss 'em, they’re the only lights on the thing. If you don’t see them, the camera probably isn’t on.

beside the power input and below the camera connection. they don’t really look like leds but they are

Weird, well we just tested the PWM voltage outputs, .04v…this might not be good.

I had a similar problem to this. Check where the screw mounts to the board, or the back of the board. What happened with us was that a nut was touching 2 wires, and causing a short. Don’t know what happened, but ultimately the camera phailed to power up.

…also the obvious, check the power switch :wink:

make sure the backup battery is connected to the RC

thanks. we found the problem. It was the backup battery.