CmuCam problem

What if our problem consists of putting a (I think) transformer in incorrectly and blocking it off from the air, accidentally melting it?

This did actually happen, but the camera still works (not quite as well) and we’re getting some new parts.


Out team is having a horrible time with the camera- much like what everyone else is having in this thread. The only difference is sometimes the camera will search and sometimes it won’t. We had the camera working at one point, but now it doesn’t. We started from square one, but it still won’t work. We’re using the camera_s code, and we have calibrated the camera just as the instructions say. We noticed that the red light goes on when the camera sees the target in LabVIEW, but when we try to search with Kevin’s code, it seems to be seeing the target all over.

If anyone can offer any help at all it would be much appreciated!

pwm 1 and 2 are right on the camera board…on the top or bottom…depending on the mounting of your camera

Did you try changing the focus of your camera, ours works fine. But If its focussed wrong it wont track it at all.