CMUCam problems with EasyC Kickoff demo code

We are able to properly load the code onto the robot, but when we try to test its functionality the camera will not work properly, it moves away from the light.

Does anyone know why this happens, and what to do to solve the problem?

I tried just loading the hex file as well as rebuilding the EasyC code.

We also had problems with the CameraGraphic code. I just got gibberish in the Hyperterminal window. Are there any special settings for the terminal other than VT100J?

Note: I’ve been trying the code on the 2007, 2006, and 2004 controllers.

Please describe how exactly it moves away from the light. Slowly or fast? On one axis or on two axis?

Also, make sure you have the right baudrate for hyperterm. You have to use 115200. Also, I recommend PuTTY instead of HyperTerm.

Thanks for your reply.

The baud rate change worked as far as getting input from the camera.

But the camera is still moving away (slowly, on both axes) from the light.

The easy c demo code appears to have the camera mounted with the power n top, which is the set up according to the directions. Kevins’ code has the camera mounted the opposite way. If you are using the easy c code, mount the camera according to the directions and ours worked. We had reversed it to run kevins code, then tried the easy c code, couldnt figure out why it ran away from the light. We flipped the camera mount again(back to to the original directions) and it worked fine. Whew I hope this makes sense to you!

Thank you! After mounting the camera “upside down”, it works! Now, I only have to decipher the source code to get the robot moving!