Cmucam + track color + auto servo mode

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How to make for track a color and to make turn a servo-motor in the hyperterminal ? how to make for enable auto servo mode in the hyperterminal ?

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The best way to start with the CMU Cam is to review the existing documentation, which can be found here. . Some of it will really make sense only with the camera in front of you.

Remember, there is a LOT of information already existing. It takes time, but if you search carefully, the answers to all your questions already exist.

It is possible to calibrate the camera using Hyperterminal, for any color you like. The instructions focus on Green, because that is the color of the FIRST target this year.

As far as controlling the camera servos in Hyperterminal, I have not done that, so I can’t help you there.

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There is a section in the tracking menu that allows you to turn servo motors on command. Just type ‘t’ in the terminal and press enter, then type ‘u’ in the terminal and enter, and you can turn all the camera servos by steps of 10 or 1.


thank you but it is not what I want to do. I want to make turn servo when the camera recognize a color when the color moves towards the right, the servo one turns right and when the color goes towards the left, the servo one goes towards the left but I do not know which order sent in the hyperterminal to do that. I know just that it is necessary to use the auto servo mode


Read through the 2006 CMU cam2 workbook - Rev. B and look at page 41 for specific infomation on connecting the camera, pay attention to what hardware you are using, there have been various versions of the CMUcam2 before 2006,

If you are still having problems,
Make sure you read through previous posts about tracking, I believe there is a jumper you need to reverse to switch tracking directions, but look here for more details,

If this doesn’t have what you are looking for, search for the specific problem you are having ,


I read again documentation and I found . thank you for your help.