CMUCam Upside-down?

We set up the CMUCam in the orientation shown in the documentation, and noticed that the images in the “Camera View” window were right-side up. However, in the “Color” window, the images returned are all upside-down. Yes, you can flip the image in the “Camera View”, but shouldn’t the default orientation be the same for both?

We have had the exact same problem. If you notice though the robot still tracks like it is suppose to. I mean if you look at the tracking window and move the yellow triangle to the left it moves right on your screen, and if you move the triangle up it moves down on your screen. However i think the robot code reverses this in someway. because the robot does move toward the color like it is suppose to.

Must be a problem with the GUI (which is poorly coded anyway).

As far as how to fix it, no clue. Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the JRE and such.

Team 188’s experience with the CMUCam2 Java GUI is the same as roboticsguy1988.

Even though the “Color” image is inverted from the “Camera View” image, the tracking works fine, and our robot also moves toward the color like it is supposed to.


Go to your config tab and select Invert Color Tracking (or something similar to that)

You know it could just be the program itself messing everything up, and not the camera. If not though inverting the color tracking will not help. because if the camera is truly like that then it will be like that when running during a competition.

Ours is like that too, but it works just fine when we hook it up to the robot. I dont really know or care why just so long as it works, but I add my vote to the “Our picture is upside down in the color tracking view and by the way the GUI sucks” column.

Umm…our camera is upside down, and we can’t calibrate it because the triangles kept going out of the grid.

Any help?

I don’t completely understand what your problem is. (What do you mean by grid?) Try explaining what’s wrong in a bit more detail and I may be able to help you.