CMUcam2 demo.llb for 2007

Where can we get the 2007 Labview software for the camera? We did not use a camera last year, and so don’t have the Labview stuff from the 2006 season. The National Instruments ftp site for last year’s software is (unsurprisingly) down. Can anyone let me in the loop? I’ve been looking hard basically since the Kickoff, and have had no luck - I just keep reading about old things.

sorry to hijack your thread, but I think this might be important too
I’ve been having problems getting labview to see any of my serial ports. I set the serial port in labview, but it gives me the general catch all error when it can’t communicate with the camera. I think I may have forgot to install something when I installed labview. Any hints would be helpful

Here’s the labview app thing

Thanks very much!