CMUCam2 Help!

We have plugged our camera into a 7-volt power supply. The red and Green LEDs stay on and we cannot get any signals from it. When we plug it into the computer, our terminal emulator stays blank and the Configuration program just says Looking for camera… What’s wrong?

this thread has some discussion thread

which com port is the config using? which com port is term emulator using? are you using them at the same time?

Have you followed the debugging flowchart in the CMUCam documentation?

The COM settings look correct. The manual says something about having to install the firmware. Could this be the problem? If so, how is this done?

I really need to know what the red LED means.

The red LED is most likely user LED 1 that turns on when powered. Make sure your COM ports are enabled in the BIOS. If you use a USB to serial adapter the serial port id starts at 5 or 6. In either case check your device manager by right-clicking My Computer -> Properties and go to the hardware tab. Under ports make sure your COM ports are installed and are working correctly and you are using the right number. Try other simple ovelooked things. Try using a different serial cable. Make sure the power is sufficient.

The red LED on our camera lights up when it is successfully tracking a color. It corresponds to the camera status message coming back with a nonzero detected size, which we use to activate one of the OI LEDs.

where do u get the CMUCam2GUI at, cause i can’t seem to find it ne where, and i need it to get my cam to work, so if u can plz help me find where to get it, it will be greatly appreciated.

where at there, anywhere specific?

To purchase a new or extra CMU-Cam2 unit you have to call Innovation First Inc. Their phone number is on the bottom of every page at their website, I am not sure what the cost is but when you call they will give you all the information you need.

It’s not too terribly hard to find - from the IFI page, click on the CMUCam link and download the ‘Getting Started’ pack.

o, ok, thxs dude

ok, i got the files, and now i am looking for which one exactly to use with the Java to get the cam to work on the comp, so i can figure out the best place for them to put it and make sure it is working correctly and everything. it isn’t like i can test it out or anything till tomorrow though :confused:

It’s all explained quite clearly in the document labeled as “Getting Started” or “Start Here” or something like that.