cmuCam2 Stoped working

I was at a practice competition and our robot took a good hit to the camera. the camera was well protected but after that the camera would not work. when we finished that round i disconnected the camera from the robot and connected it to LabVIEW. i tried to grab frame but all i saw was purple with a two or three small blobs of green.

i had the camera board form last year with me so i put this years lens on the board and tried that with LabVIEW. It worked but when i tried to connect it to the robot it couldn’t communicate.

is the 2005 camera not compatible with code for the 2006 cam? and how can i correct this .

is this just bad luck or are the cameras that fragile?

Last years camera is exactly the same as this years camera. So it should work perfectly. Thanks for the heads up about fragility, I will make sure to get mine neatly encased in some Lexan.