CMUcam3 released

This popped across my RSS reader, courtesy of Make:

CMUcam3 is an open source programmable embedded color vision platform, you can get a CMUcam is a few places (listed on the site)… Including Seattle robotics…The goal of the CMUcam project is to provide simple vision capabilities to small embedded systems in the form of an intelligent sensor. The CMUcam3 extends upon this idea by providing a flexible and easy to use open source development environment that complements a low cost hardware platform. The CMUcam3 is an ARM7TDMI based fully programmable embedded computer vision sensor. The main processor is the NXP LPC2106 connected to an Omnivision CMOS camera sensor module. Custom C code can be developed for the CMUcam3 using a port of the GNU toolchain along with a set of open source libraries and example programs. Executables can be flashed onto the board using the serial port with no external downloading hardware required.
Now, as I am by no means a programmer (I think our 2007 CMUcam2 is still in the box), I’m wondering if this is something we should be expecting in the kit next year, or if this new version is killing ants with a sledgehammer. The SD slot does seem interesting, though.

There is a problem, “$239.00 assembled and tested”. I believe no electronic COTS item can be over $200, but it does look interesting.

<smart=“aleck”>The RC is over $200, but *everyone *uses one of those… ;)</smart>

I didn’t catch the price issue there. I’m assuming that there are a few ways to shave money off the price, either through a bulk price or by removing items from the SDK as quoted, such as the AC adapter and serial cable (and perhaps some past-our-needs camera features, if circuit boards become cheaper that way in quantities of 1,500).

Nope, the CMUcam3 would be a legal COTS item under 2007 FRC rules. The limit is $400 max for a single component.

I must have been remembering a rule from 2006.:rolleyes:

if they use that camera next year, i just hope kevin knows how to program it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like using Kevin’s code as much as anyone, but we can do stuff on your own. As log as we have Kevin’s serial drivers it shouldn’t be that hard.:wink:

Kevin’s code is absolutely amazing. Having attempted to develop my own CMUCam driver in 2005 with very little to go off of, I have to say that what Kevin has developed is spectacular. It handles everything so cleanly and takes care of tons of things you wouldn’t even think were important.

I’m sure you’d be able to develop your own driver that would be as good or better than Kevin’s, but how long do you want to stare at code for, frustratedly trying to find that one bug, rather than using already developed software?

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