CNC accessory recommendations and collet size recommendations

So my team is looking to by an OMIO X8 USB and is wonder what kind of accessories people usually get for CNCs. I know a bunch of different 6mm tools for the spindle are necessary (any good tool vendors would be appreciated). We were wondering aside from the material clamps that OMIO sells what other types of clamps teams by for their cnc. Also looking to get a blower setup to blow away chips but can’t find anything that seems to be relatively plug and play with the OMIO. Thanks in advance. Along with this is the 6mm tool size a good size or should we change that.

I am not a pro with the Omio but we got a Velox this year after build season. Here is what I have found. If you are cutting aluminium a 1 or 2 flute carbide cutter is best. I like 1/8 in. I have used Amana tools and they seem to do a good job. Aluminium likes to stick to cutters. We used a MDF spoil board to protect our table and water in a spray bottle and or wd40 to lubricate the cutter. Going to order a Fog Buster soon. Our machine came with toe clamps but we just ordered a Tube Magic fixture also. A lot is just playing with the machine and seeing what works best.

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Here’s my proposal for an OMIO to my school’s admin.

In terms of misting, I’d refer to this thread. You can get a pretty cheap gooseneck mister on amazon and then run Koolmist at 32 parts water to 1 part coolant. Keep in mind that these misters are typically atomizers and will then put stuff into the air which isn’t great for breathing, so make sure you have some sort of shield or good ventilation. A fogbuster won’t atomize, so this isn’t much of an issue.

In terms of bits, we’re going to be using HUHAO bits. Downside: they’re cheap and not quite as durable as other more expensive brands. Upside: they’re cheap. We’re going to have a whole stack of 4mm and 6mm on hand.

For metric bits, you’ll need metric collets. You can get a metric collet set off amazon for like $30.

For clamping you can use a tubemagic fixture from OzzyBoards, toe clamps, or if you’re using plate aluminum you can just screw it into your MDF wasteboard. @Ozzy_Boards is here on CD and is pretty good about answering questions.

Here’s the megathread for OMIO advice.



Something I have not seen but have wanted to do for a while is rig up a solenoid to the router
controller that leads to a full pressure air line near the spindle bottom. It would then be trivial to modify the post processor to tack on a serpentine path g code so the router automatically blows the chips from the entire bed to one corner of the machine enclosure for easy cleanup.

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