CNC Nesting Words/Letters/Numbers

I am not sure if it is called nesting or not, but our team wants to CNC our Team Name & Number Into our parts in the future. We currently use OnShape and sometimes Solidworks to CAD and we want to know if there is a way to put out team name and number in parts that we CNC. Here is a video example of what we would like to do, but is there a way to do this In OnShape or Solidworks?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

There are text options in both Onshape and Solidworks. Doing this would be a bit more tricky if you wanted to use your teams logo or numbers with a font that was not in those programs.

Another option is to make the text in a program like Illustrator and export the file as a DWG/DXF. You can then insert that into a sketch in either program and cut out that shape in the part.

Do consider the curf of your CNC machine though. The tool radius will be a limiting factor on any inside corners for shapes like that unless you want to do engraving instead.

Depending on how fancy you want to get, some machines have built in wizards that can do text if you’re ok with it being simple

Our Haas machines can do text and serial number engraving without CAM:

There’s an Onshape featurescript called SurfaceText that may be of interest. As for toolpath programming, well, you’d need to use some CAM software like Fusion 360 to program it.