Cnc purchasing instructions

working on purchasing a cnc for my team and was wndering where can i learn basics like the parts of a cnc milling machine, some basic definitions about milling machines.
if anyone has some king of a guide book to explain the precess of choosing and maintaining a cnc that would be fantastic.

There are a number of really good discussions on here about CNCs and operations etc.

Also, if you google the Omio X8-2200L, their website has a fairly decent layout of a typical CNC. MANY teams here, as you’ll find in the other threads, have purchased and have great success with that Omio.

Hope this helps some.


This somewhat depends on what type of CNC you are purchasing.

What are you currently looking into?

we are looking for a cnc about 1.5 meters square foe mainly aluminum and maybe a bit of typical plastic materials.
but i really just want to learn about the typical cnc parts and add ons, theyre official names uses and types for the typycal aluminum frc cnc.
like king of learning so i can choose one and maintaining it myself.

thanks ill look it up

Galaxia got a CNC router last summer, and we’ve been learning how to use it for the past year. I’m sure if you reach out to our members they’d be happy to answer questions on our process and what they’ve learned.

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cool thanks, i will contact them

What’s your budget?

See this thread:

Like Ari said, we’d love to help you guys out with anything at all CNC related

I’m in the Whatsapp groups for Israel mechanics and CAD leads, feel free to contact me there

thanks. i will contact you soon

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