CNC Router versions of the field by REV

Hey All,
FIRST gave us the opportunity over the past few weeks to make a version of the field files designed to be cut by a CNC router or ordered through a cutting service like SendCutSend.

We hope these files help some teams out, and if you like this kind of thing please let us and FIRST know so we can potentially do this again in future years.

NOTE: WE HAVE NOT BUILT AND VALIDATED THESE PLANS - We are providing them as-is, please go through them closely if you plan on using them. We will be building these this weekend, and I will update the files if people report any issues with them.





Will there be a co-opertition grid as well if we wanted to make a full field?

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The Scoring Station Solidworks model can be modified to match the features of the co-opertition grid.

Does anyone have a DXF of the layout? I do not have the newest version of SolidWorks and cannot open it.


Any chance for a step file?

Sort of, it’s not as simple if you want to make it into a full wall.

I am also making a modified version for 4ft x 4ft routers if anyone is interested. I will have it out in the next hour or so.


STEP file versions:

Scoring Station Assembly
Platform Assembly


Currently looking at modifying their files to make a complete scoring wall. Will post here if I can get it done.



Please feel free to modify these as needed. This was a very late effort over the holidays during a company move, depending on feedback in this thread we can try and push the designs a bit farther, but at some point it will be too late to have an impact.

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We would definitely be interested in that.

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One down


Since we are a little short on space we made each part of the scoring system modular. So there is a shelf, a end scoring area, and two middle scoring areas. Each section is bolted together with 1/2in bolts since I have too many and they can be reconfigured to make a center grid and an end grid.

Here is the link for the OnShape document that has each section: Onshape


What thickness OSB did you use?

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All of our plans are for nominal 1/2in material. You may have to sand some of the tabs depending on what material you actually end up with.

This is what we used, tabs worked well and didn’t require any fine tuning.

It turned out to be a bit bigger of a project than I expected, but I’ll have the files up tonight.

This design is for 5/8 plywood which has a thickness of around 0.610 which is equal to 15.5mm. It is a little weird only chose that since that’s what it seemed the original version was.