CNC Tools and Where to Buy Them

What’s the best place to shop for woodworking cnc router bits? Specifically looking for a flattening bit and some other wood cutting bits.

Any specific products or places to look are super appreciated! Thanks


Most of our bits come from Amana, who sells CNC router tools for many different materials and applications. TBH, I have no idea why they’re our supplier of choice, but they are.

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These guys send me a nice catalog now and then. Never bought from them, but it’s good looking stuff.

For aluminum and polycarbonate (99.9% of what we do), we use router bits off ebay:

Kyocera makes great endmills. For aluminum we do full slot 1/16" DOC (the material thickness we use), 20-25 ipm, 18-20k rpm. We use WD-40 for our coolant/cutting fluid. Alcohol didn’t work as well for us

For polycarbonate, max RPMs, and give it as much feed as your work holding will provide. We’ve gone 200ipm in it without a problem

These 1/8" Kyocera endmills last a pretty long time too

For wood, I would get any random endmill in the size you need (and # of flutes) off ebay. You don’t really need to spend big bucks for a nice fancy endmill from Amana, although they are nice sometimes.

This is sort of like asking about cordless tools; everyone’s got their preferred brand but the real life performance difference between them isn’t all that great.

I’ve had a lot of great results using Onsrud tools, specifically this guy, which does the overwhelming majority of my CNC routing jobs. It is absolutely a lot of money for a tool that’s easily broken by mistake (and boy does it sting when you do). But its one of those ‘buy once cry once’ sort of situations. The consistent performance I’ve had from cutting what seems like miles of slots through .050" aluminum sheet has made me a convert. The difference between the onsrud tool and mystery import tools has been night and day, in my experience.

Most of the big tooling suppliers have storefronts on Amazon that’ll sell you at least the high volume tools directly. I find this infinitely preferable to going through some authorized rep system, assuming you could even get one of them to call you back.

Whatever/wherever you buy, check the manufacturers website for the tool catalogs feeds and speeds data.

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I’ve used onsrud before and while they did last longer than imports, they were easy to break on accident. Ozzyboards endmills offer reasonably high performance, and Huhao sells affordable 4mm and 6mm endmills that won’t break the bank when they chip.

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Amana has a library of their bits that you can import into Fusion 360. They also have detailed feeds and speeds info.

My team buys all of our end mills from Lakeshore Carbide.

Have they fixed their shipping? I stopped buying from them when they were charging like $40 to ship a few little endmills in a priority flat rate box.

I only started using them in the past year or so, but I have never had that problem with them.

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Tools today is good place to get the Amana tool line. In my experience these are pretty good endmills for a router.

Looks like I have some shopping to do! Thanks everyone!

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