CNN Article about Wisconsin Regional

Hi everyone. Our team was at the Wisconsin Regional last weekend and one of our team members brought along a family friend (who writes for CNN) to show him the regional and FIRST in general. After following our team and other teams around on Friday and Saturday, he wrote a story about the Wisconsin Regional which is now on CNN.

Our team would greatly appreciate it if you guys could check out the article, leave a comment, etc. We would like to get this article as many views as possible to help spread the message of FIRST to as many people as possible. You can check out the article here:

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

I am driven to nitpick

“33rd US FIRST 2014 Wisconsin Regional Robotics Competition”

  • um, don’t know what he meant to say, but 33rd isn’t it, I think

“the national competition in St. Louis”

  • cough Canada, etc cough

“compiling at 9-0-1 record heading”

  • at should be ‘a’

Otherwise, nice piece.

I read this a couple days back but I also noticed the first two errors. Not sure where they got the 33rd from… Still great that they did a report on it though!

Every time there is a news story about FIRST I always notice errors. Editing and proper research seem to be a lost art.

This is a CNN iReport, not a full fledged report by CNN itself, so the editing sometimes leaves a bit to be desired (not saying full fledged reports never have glaring basic mistakes, though :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Well ummm the matches are 2 minutes and 30 second challenge not 2 minute challenge. I wish this CNN article didn’t have those mistakes. But all that matters is that the message got through to the the viewers. That message would be Gracious professional and pure teamwork/ team spirit.