CNN Coverage of FIRST next week

I have just been notified by a CNN producer that the executive producer at CNN has just killed FIRST coverage at the event next week.

The reason given is they are going to dedicate their resources to covering the political scene and upcoming election.

So maybe after the election we can get on the radar again.

Good luck to all in Atlanta.

Gotta hate politics…

Hmm, CNN’s just right there, maybe we can demonstrate right there in the street.

No, not a demonstration with signs and chanting - I mean a demonstration of robotic technology! I know there’s a robot drag race schedules on A. Y. Blvd, could that possibly be right under CNN’s noses?


(Yes, noses. There’s more than one person there.)

Odd, CNN sent the team an email yesterday requesting the use of our YouTube video.

what about driving our VEX bots around the CNN Center during lunch?

Thatd be cool. We’ll bring some other robots if we can as well. (Small class robots)

sigh politics, politics, politics, I think next year if Obama is elected we have to send in letters to him and get him to go to Atlanta and start off the competition, then that way we will have about every news station in the U.S. there.

Maybe they’re using that instead of sending reporters. I hope it’s a good video!

… a 24/7 cable news network refusing to air real news and instead wanting to cover the same pundits’ harebrained opinions over and over? What is this witchcraft? :rolleyes:

Hey, I’m a college student, so shenanigans come with the position
[spoiler]If you really want to get them to cover the event, use some shenanigans and respond to the email with something worthy of a Billfred Burn Award, like

*"Dear CNN,

I’m truly sorry that you will not be able to cover the FIRST Championship Event nest week in downtown Atlanta, as I was looking forward for all my friends and family being able to check it out from home. However, due to this unfortunate turn of events, I am now going to respond back to MSNBC/Fox. [Pick one, though I’d lean more towards Fox if you want the shock value]

Thank you for your time and consideration,

  • Your Name"*

Concise, lacking detalis, twisting the truth, and full of shock value. Now we’re speaking the language of cable news.[/spoiler]

Does that mean we scratch the plan if McCain or Clinton gets elected?

Originally Posted by Nawaid Ladak
what about driving our VEX bots around the CNN Center during lunch?

Thatd be cool. We’ll bring some other robots if we can as well. (Small class robots)

I’ll get working on autonomous right away, good practice for me and the other programming kids too.

Do you really want Hiliary to start of a FIRST Comp. its like asking for an Anti-Violence speech and how there should be more women helping. As for McCain hes going to bring military scientists and see what robot would make the next battlefield adaptable robot.

Although I do think that would be pretty cool, just want to remind everyone that CD is not for politics so before anything gets started on here lets just remember that. Thanks:)

NOTE:Not directed at specific post, just saying this before anyone gives political input.

yeah accually I think during lunch break on Thursday we get as many robots over to the CNN station.

We should TOTALLY do the robot parade along the boulevard that the CNN center is on.

I dont know how long it would take over there and back. Might take the whole lunch break just to do that. But doing the robot parade along the street CNN is on ay? That would be pretty fun.

Wow I want to say I am surprised but it is cable news after all. That’s what will turn this country around is a few more hours of hot-air from the talking heads. sigh Welcome to America 2008.



I’m all for it, assuming there isn’t some law or ordinance that ends up getting us all arrested. :yikes:

Of course, the whole thing only works if you have enough people with portable controllers with their own power supplys. :o

Go to and request that they cover it.

We should just friggin storm their mailbox with those. maybe 15000 kids and adults addicted to robots will get to them?

i think the parade idea is great, but remember, the reason this idea of driving the robots INSIDE the CNN center would be a good idea… your going to have the producers and anchors, cameramen and women, etc eating lunch, and if they see thins, they might take it back to their office and tell co-workers, and this will spread inside the CNN company… and come Saturday, we’ll get coverage

alog with this and slamming their mailboxes with requests to cover the FIRST Championship Event thats taking place across the street from your world hq

and anyways, it would be quite interesting to see normal tourists freak out that robots are driving around the food court at the CNN center :smiley: it would be a site to see.

you also might get normal average joe tourists who are just visiting CNN (hence: i bet and i know there will be more than usual this year… shhh…) to see the robots and take the quick walk across the street and see some of the compeition. maybe one of these people will be inspired to start a FIRST team in their community… the possibilities are endless

maybe even drive those robots around during the auto show on saturday… :smiley: