CNN Live Interviews

I was wondering if anyone has the CNN Live interviews from Friday and Saturday on tape, or in digital form. I have copies of the taped ones that aired Saturday at 3 and Sunday at 5. If anyone has any of the other spots that they showed, please let me know and hopefully we can work something out.

I didn’t catch them… could someone tell me what they were about/who was interviewed?

google it. silly kids.

What we are looking for are TAPES of the interviews on Friday and Saturday. Some of them were shown on their NExt show, but on Saturday they did live interviews of students inbetween their regular segments which weren’t shown later. Our Men in Kilts were interviewed at some point (my mother saw it but didn’t tape it!). CNN does have a site where you can buy copies of segments, at prices starting at $30.00. But the site doesn’t make it easy to specify exactly what you want.

Reporters ask the dumbest questions. :mad: I wish I could be famous just so I could bash reporters :smiley:

My team just missed the interview. They had breaking news like 5 minutes before they were going to interview us. The next slot they had open was 30 minutes away and that was during our next match :ahh: