Co-op during Playoffs?

During a strategy session our team wasn’t sure whether or not you get points from coop stacks during playoffs. After searching through the rules there is nothing that says that coop stacks aren’t worth any points during playoffs. Does anyone know whether or not this is allowed, as it could make for a good elimination strategy when opposed by a lower seeded alliance.

Under Table 1-2 in Game Summary.

*COOPERTITION SETS and COOPERTITION STACKS will not receive points during the Playoff MATCHES.

I thought it was a viable strategy too until it was pointed out by someone else. Its hidden in section discussing Point Values that Coopertition Stacks & Sets are worth no points during Playoff Matches.

Coop points were never considered in playoffs even in the past years.
There is a rule somewhere in the tournament section which specifies it

In the beginning of the game manual (Under The Game) there is a table that shows the values of points for each score-able option. Under the table it states that coopertition stacks and sets are not counted for in play off matches.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget, your auton points still count.